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So a few weeks ago I wined and dined an exquisite young woman who attends UC Berkeley. We went to an upscale bar and I drank slightly too much. She asked to come to my place so I obliged her yet I could not maintain an erection(the alcohol I think). She left and I was embarrassed. Vowing this never to happen again I ordered generic viagra 100mg.

So last weekend I bring a fine young lass from Carlsbad CA to my home and I had taken 100mg Viagra 1 hour earlier. I had an erection that was like a steel rod! I was able to place her into the doggystyle position and grab her beautiful glutes like they were two ham hocks and I pumped away for nearly an hour with powerful deep thrusts. After an hour I ejaculated and she told me that her vagina was very sore but that she enjoyed our romp.
I am now a huge fan of Viagra. Anyone else a fan? Your experiences? I was given 4 chewable viagra as a bonus,I will try these next
It is probably very amazing I don't use it because I can't perform without it,I use it to ensure that after drinking, my penis maintains an erection. Viagra along with studying tantra and kegal exercises for the last two decades has made me a beast in bedSign-up now!

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